Custom Mixes

Rexius specializes in custom soil blends for multiple commercial uses.  We supply Nurseries and Greenhouse Growers all over the region with custom soil mixes for all phases of grower production. (click here to go to grower mixes page)   We also custom blend soils for any type of landscape project, environmental restoration or roadside construction, or blend proprietary mixes for customers using it for resale distribution.  Call Dan Sutton for more information and pricing at 541-335-8018 or email at

Rexius Bark

Rexius Bark for Container Mixes (Douglas Fir or Hemlock)
Choose from 3/8”, 3/4”, or 1” screened bark for blending your own container mixes. Delivery available in 30 to 105 cubic yards with live floor unloading trailers.

Other Materials Available for Mixes: 

  • USCC STA Compost
  • Certified Organic Compost
  • Manure Compost
  • Peat Moss (3.8 cu. ft. bales, or 55 cu. ft. Jumbo bales)
  • Sand and Loam
  • Perlite (4 cu. ft. bags, or 60 cu. ft. bulk totes)
  • Pumice (by the ton in bulk, or in totes on special order)
  • Coir Fiber (bulk hydrated or compressed blocks palletized)
  • Orchid Bark