Filthy Rich™

Premium Potting Soil

A complete indoor/outdoor container soil formulated and used by professional growers; custom blended with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted bark fines, pumice, compost, and perlite. Use Filthy Rich Premium Potting Soil for all indoor and outdoor containers when a light weight and well-drained potting media is needed. Available in 1.5 cu. & 16 qt.

Potting Soil

An all-purpose container soil for the best value, custom blended with compost, organic humus, volcanic pumice, sand and Canadian sphagnum peat moss. Use Filthy Rich All-Purpose Potting Soil for general potting in outdoor planting boxes and containers for seasonal color and patio gardens.

All Natural & Organic Potting Soil

An all-organic indoor/outdoor premium potting soil, custom blended with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted bark fines, pumice, compost, feather meal, fish bone meal, ground oystershell, and kelp meal. Filthy Rich All Natural & Organic Potting Soil is used as an organic alternative for general potting and patio gardening in planting boxes and containers. (Registered with the Washington State Organic Food Program).

Planting Mix

Filthy Rich Planting Mix is an excellent blend of compost, organic humus, sand, volcanic pumice and perlite, and ideally suited for poor soil conditions. Blend with existing soil for general planting of outdoor flowers and shrubs.

Top Soil

Filthy Rich Top Soil is a ‘ready-to-use’ outdoor soil for gardens, flower beds, shrubs and lawns. It consists of a proper blend of organic humus, compost, and sandy river loam. Because you can plant directly into Top Soil, it’s an ideal soil for building raised planting beds.

Steer Compost

An organic based compost for use in all outdoor gardens and flowerbeds, or as a top dress mulch. Filthy Rich Steer Compost is composed of steer and other barnyard manures for our most popular gardening compost.

Mushroom Compost

Filthy Rich Mushroom Compost is a blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss, horse and chicken manure with other organic-based ingredients and minerals. Use Mushroom Compost when an organic-based mix is desired, particularly in raised bed gardens where the soil needs to be light and loose.

Bark Mulch

A medium grind Douglas Fir bark mulch used as a decorative ground cover, natural weed barrier and water conserving mulch. Filthy Rich Bark Mulch is a uniform grade of mulch that gives your landscape a beautiful finished appearance with natural color and contrast.

Medium Bark Nuggets

Produced from the bark of the majestic Douglas Fir tree, Filthy Rich Bark Nuggets make a beautiful wind resistant decorative ground cover to enhance the look of any landscape. Bark Nuggets are a 1 to 2 inch nugget, free of fines, and ideal when a coarser, more textured look is desired.