1 Unit = 7.5 Cubic Yards

Mileage Charges may apply outside of Eugene/Springfield

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Hogged Fuel

Hogged Fuel is a coarse bark and ground wood fiber material for managing muddy areas in livestock enclosures, or used for natural pathway surfacing.

Fiberex™ Playground Chips

Rexius Fiberex is an ASTM tested and approved natural safety surface material used for public playgrounds or your own play area at home. Rexius Fiberex will keep your children safer and dryer, and free to play.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $17.00  1 Yard: $33.00

Fresh Sawdust

Fresh Sawdust is Douglas Fir sawdust from local lumber production and used for animal bedding in stalls primarily, or for mulching blueberry beds and other plants that prefer an “acidic” soil condition.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $12.00  1 Yard: $23.00