Grower Mixes

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Rexius Grower Mixes

Delivery cost will depend on distance from Eugene and volume ordered. Call for quote.

  • All mixes include a basic fertilizer package specially formulated for greenhouse and nursery application.
  • All mixes include a basic fertilizer starter charge w/ minors.
  • pH balanced with dolomite lime
  • Greenhouse mixes include wetting agent.
  • Greenhouse mixes are fine screened for consistency at 7/16 minus.
  • Container mixes are made with medium bark for better drainage.
  • Pricing listed below is based on 30 cubic yards,  FOB Eugene. (call for freight quotation)
  • Load sizes range from 7 1/2 to 75 cubic yards
  • We can build your own mix to your exact specifications.  We specialize in Custom Blends!
  • Bulk ingredients available for any mix are:  aged or fresh Douglas Fir bark (fine or medium), Hemlock Bark, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coconut coir fiber, pumice, perlite, sand, loam, compost (including cerified organic compost), manure compost, orchid bark and commecial or organic fertilizers.  We can add any of your own special ingredients for no extra charge!
  • A certain degree of settling and compaction should be expected during delivery. However, Rexius guarantees that the volume charged for is the amount available for your use.
  • All soil mixes are blended at time of order.

Container Stock #1


65% Medium Fir Bark
10% Peat Moss
25% Pumice 

Container Stock #2


80% Medium Fir Bark
20% Pumice

Container Stock #3


80% Medium Fir Bark
5% Steer Plus™
15% Sandy Loam

Container Stock #4


80% Medium Fir Bark
10% Peat Moss
10% Pumice

Greenhouse #1


33% Fine Fir Bark
33% Peat Moss
33% Pumice

Greenhouse #2


40% Fine Fir Bark
20% Peat Moss
25% Pumice
15% Compost

Greenhouse #3


45% Fine Fir Bark
20% Peat Moss
25% Pumice
10% Silt

Greenhouse #4


40% Fine Fir Bark
20% Coir Fiber
25% Pumice
15% Compost

Roof Top Soil Mixes

Roof Top #1: (intensive)
Our standard rooftop soil mix for most planters. 
Well draining mix that provides needed stability 
for larger plant stock.
COMPOST    •    PUMICE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND
Roof Top #2: (intensive)
Our lighter weight version of the standard rooftop 
soil mix. Blended with perlite, this rooftop mix 
provides lower pounds per square inch when 
specifications apply.
COMPOST    •    PERLITE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND
Roof Top #3: (extensive)
An Award Winning rooftop soil mix. A blend 
of high drainage ingredients and peat moss for a 
professional performance. Specifically designed 
for lower moisture saturation and light weight 
PUMICE    •    PEAT    MOSS    •    BARK    FINES
We Custom Blend Any Roof Top Mix!

Wholesale Products Available for Mixes

Rexius Bark

Rexius Bark for Container Mixes (Douglas Fir or Hemlock)
Choose from 3/8”, 3/4”, or 1” screened bark for blending your own container mixes. Delivery available in 30 to 105 cubic yards with live floor unloading trailers.

Other Materials Available for Mixes: 

  • USCC STA Compost
  • Certified Organic Compost
  • Manure Compost
  • Peat Moss (3.8 cu. ft. bales, or 55 cu. ft. Jumbo bales)
  • Sand and Loam
  • Perlite (4 cu. ft. bags, or 60 cu. ft. bulk totes)
  • Pumice (by the ton in bulk, or in totes on special order)
  • Coir Fiber (bulk hydrated or compressed blocks palletized)
  • Orchid Bark

Call Dan Sutton for product and delivery quotation @ (541) 335-8018 or email