Rexius was founded in the 1930’s and then incorporated in 1945 as Rexius Fuel Service by Solomon and Lillian Rexius. Prior to this, Sol Rexius was involved in the wood products business dating back to the pre-depression years, delivering recycled 4’ slab wood for commercial fuel into Eugene-Springfield. Since 1945, the company has experienced significant growth in sales and product lines yet it still remains a family owned and operated business.

In 1959, Sol became a partner in Rexius Fuel Service with his sons, Ray Rexius and Marv Rexius, and his daughter, June Rexius Sutton. In 1967, Sol passed away after a battle with cancer.

Ray and Marv continued to operate the business, with June as a limited partner. Rexius Fuel Service became Rexius Forest By-Products, Inc. in 1986 and is known today as Rexius. Today, one sibling from each of the previous generation remains as officers of the company; Co-Presidents Rusty Rexius and Arlen Rexius, and Senior Vice President Dan Sutton.

In 1994, Rexius branched into the manufacturing business with their innovative Express Blower Trucks. For eight years the company sold and built a strong national brand with the equipment they invented back in 1950. Blower application has now become a national phenomenon and has revolutionized the landscape industry. In 2002 Rexius sold the division to a company in Ohio and maintains a strong relationship with Rexius in its promotional efforts.

In February of 2003, Rexius moved its corporate office from its long term home of 7th and Chambers and joined it to its production and shop facilities on Bailey Hill Road in west Eugene. In July of 2012 Rexius moved its production facility to a new location just north of Coburg, Oregon.  This new location is home to all wholesale divisions traditionally known to Rexius, but the entire Landscape Construction, Irrigation and Maintenance divisions (once known as Grant’s Landscape Service), home office and Conveyor Application Systems remain at the Bailey Hill location. In addition, Rexius moved its retail sales and yard debris collection center to 150 Hwy 99 in west Eugene.  Rexius continues to expand its company into new and growing markets within the industry.