1 Unit = 7.5 Cubic Yards

Mileage Charges may apply outside of Eugene/Springfield

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BeautiBark™ is our customer's favorite premium grind fir bark mulch for general mulching and natural weed control.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $13.00  1 Yard: $25.00

Premium Hemlock

Hemlock Bark is the "kid’s choice" in bark mulch. As a "sliver free" mulch, hemlock does not irritate your skin with stiff fibers (bask fibers) found in other fir bark products.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $16.00  1 Yard: $30.00


EconoBark™ is a basic fir bark mulch for mulching in the landscape, for mud control in rainy months, or for pathways in natural landscapes. Its coarser texture allows for better wear in high traffic areas.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $11.00  1 Yard: $21.00

DecoBark™ Nuggets

DecoBark™ Nuggets are a 1 to 2 inch fir bark nugget that is free of bark fines. As a wind resistant ground cover, DecoBark™ Nuggets will give you long lasting and contrasting texture in the landscape.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $21.00  1 Yard: $41.00


Spread Red or Black UltraKote™ on your landscape to give it even longer lasting beauty for just a little extra! Our natural colored UltraKote™ is environmentally friendly and healthy for your plants and soil. You can enjoy vivid color and contrast in your landscape all season long!

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $19.00  1 Yard: $37.00

Fine Bark Dust

Fine Barkdust is a 3/8 inch fine screened fir bark that provides you with a smooth finished appearance in your landscape. Choose from either "fresh" or "aged" when you place your order.

Garden Mulch

An ideal fine ground cover around plant material that provides color contrast and a smooth "soil like" appearance. Garden Mulch is rich in valuable microorganisms and humus that will help build the health of your soil and plants.

Delivery Charges: The dump prices include local delivery costs. Beyond certain points, an additional charge per one way mile will be assessed. An estimate of additional charges is available from one of our Service Advisors. Call (541) 342-1835