Bark is used as a decorative groundcover that adds a protective layer to your landscape. With an effective coverage of 2-3 inches, bark helps control weeds, reduces water evaporation, helps maintain an even soil temperature, and aids in controlling soil erosion.

Medium Fir

Medium Fir bark mulch (3/4" minus) is a combination of medium and fine mulch and is recommended for all types of landscape. Medium fir bark is our most popular product.

Fine Dark Fir

Fine screened Douglas Fir bark (7/16" minus) provides a smooth, soil-like appearance. The dark color is a result of the natural process that occurs after screening and aging.

Dark Hemlock

Dark Hemlock bark mulch (3/4" minus) is dark burgundy in color. A "sliver-free" alternative for use in areas where people or pets are in frequent contact with the mulch material.