Community Partner
Partnering with the community has always been one of the guiding principles in our 70 plus year history. At Rexius, “Community” is not tired, uninspired rhetoric that we draw from – it’s who we are. Rexius is very proud of the employees that make the company what it is today. Our employees are not only our most valuable resource; they are the key to our longevity and success. They are your next door neighbors, your friends, and acquaintances that contribute to this community in many different ways. They are coaching a youth basketball team to leading a neighborhood action group looking for ways to improve our community through volunteer service. The people of Rexius are making a difference in this community.

Rexius is also happy to contribute financially through a “Cash Back to the Community” program. For all retail bulk deliveries made in our community, Rexius is giving 2% cash back to the organization of your choice. You can support your favorite non-profit organization by doing business with Rexius, and it’s your choice where the cash is given. This is just another way we can continue partnering with those in the community who need our support.

Community Parks and Open Spaces
Rexius is also making a contribution to the community by being involved in the building of quality parks and open spaces for all to enjoy.

An example of that work was just completed by Rexius in 2004, and the City of Eugene won the People’s Choice Award in our region by the American Institute of Architects for Oakmont Park.

Rexius has also built several other parks and open spaces in the past few years, including the popular courtyard in Oakway Center, Hayward Field, Irwin Park, Danebo School fields, Bethel Park, Tugman Park, and contributor for the Babe Ruth Baseball Complex in north Eugene. Rexius was also privileged to head up the landscape portion of the Autzen Stadium remodeling project and Pape Field for the University of Oregon.

Proving Sustainable Employment
Sustainability in business is absolutely necessary in making our economy thrive and survive in the future. That’s part of what sustainability is all about. For the past 70 years and for the future years to come, Rexius is committed to being a profitable company that provides a viable place of employment offering a family wage for its employees. By supporting local business, you can help us accomplish these goals, and strengthen the local economy.