Sustainability for the environment has become more and more of a concern over the last several decades, and the ideas for how we protect and conserve our natural resources are as wide spread as the world we live in. The one thing that we all know and agree on is that we all have to do our part in changing our lifestyles and habits where we can to minimize our impact on the environment that we are so dependent on. This is a global concern, but the best place to start making a difference is right here at home in our local community. Rexius is committed to making responsible choices in the way we conduct business, and will continue to improve year by year as we discover new ways of being good stewards of our environment.

Here are just a few things that we are doing in our business in our commitment to a sustainable approach:

Our trucks and equipment are currently using the following products:

  •  BioDiesel
  •  Low Sulfur Diesel (currently), Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – April 1, 2005
  •  Inherently biodegradable and non-toxic PCAW hydraulic oil
  •  Re-refined oil in small engines
  •  Low emission/low smoke oil in 2 stroke engines
  •  Re-cleaned air filters
  •  Water/detergent based cleaners rather than solvents
  •  High efficiency replacements on all electric motor

We recycle: used motor and gear oils, used steel oil filters, antifreeze, scrap steel, aluminum and copper, steam cleaning water, fluorescent tubes, cardboard, glass, tin and paper.
Our shop & manufacturing facilities use efficient T-8 bulbs and electronic ballasts
Packing material used for shipping is our own recycled shredded paper
We recycle thousands of tons of yard debris from our community and close the loop by turning it back into high quality products for landscape and environmental protection.
We promote the use of organic based erosion control techniques on a national scale (see more at www.ecoberm.com)

These and many other ideas have been adopted in an effort to promote a more sustainable approach to how we operate. We continue to look at every option available that fits within that goal.