Family of CO.'s

Rexius Eugene                                                                                      

Rexius is in its eighth decade of recycling and processing organic waste and wood residual materials for the landscape, agricultural and environmental industries.  The Rexius headquarters is located in Eugene and has been established since 1945 as a corporation after starting the business around 1937. 

Rexius Portland                                                                                    

Rexius offers a bulk delivery and blower application service in Lake Oswego (Portland), Oregon.  Using the Express Blower trucks, Rexius offers fast and efficient application of its products throughout the entire Portland Metro area.


Conveyor Application Systems, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rexius Corporation.  We manufacture and sell specialized placing and spreading equipment for various applications within the construction industry. 

Rexius Blower Truck Sales                                                                   

As a sub-division of Conveyor Application Systems, Rexius refurbishes and sells used blower trucks and other application equipment.   Rexius invented the very first blower truck back in the late 1940’s, and because of the long history of Rexius in blower truck and conveyor technology, Rexius has gained the knowledge and skills to build the right application equipment for anyone looking for affordable used or new equipment. 

Ecoberm and Ecoblanket                                                                     

Rexius has used the benefits of natural and organic materials to formulate a new form of erosion and sediment control that is efficiently applied with blower truck technology.  Our patented EcoBlanket® and EcoBerm® process outperforms many existing BMP’s currently used

Western Mobile Storage

Rexius owns and operates Western Mobile Storage, a wholly owned division of Rexius.  Western Mobile Storage offers a number of dry storage vans and ground level containers that are available to meet most on-site storage needs.