Soils and Amendments

Rexius offers simple solutions for your next landscape project with basic soil, blended soil, or compost to amend your own soil.  We can also custom blend any product for you to fit your exact needs.

Garden Compost 

Garden Compost is a 100% natural & organic greenwaste based compost approved for all types of gardening. Not all compost is equal. Rexius Garden Compost is produced following stringent guidelines and lab tested for maturity, proper biological balance, and microbial activity.


Sandyloam is a fine topsoil and sand mix. This product is best suited for blending with existing soils or compost for new lawns or to use as a fill or backfill.

Blended Soil

This product is a mixture of sandyloam and microbially active compost. Blended Soil is ready to use, and designed for establishing a vigorous turf or for building up shrub and flower beds.