Potting Soils

​Garden Valley Organics Hydro-Plus Potting Soil

​Designed as an excellent draining potting soil for hydroponics growing conditions. Pumice and Perlite create high porosity, mixed with copious all natural ingredients for professional growing conditions. Hydro-Plus can also be used for Green Roof gardening.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $49.00  1 Yard: $97.00

​Garden Valley Organics Bio-Coir Potting Soil

​A professionally formulated potting soil with higher water-holding capacity. Enjoy the natural benefits of Biochar and Coconut Coir mixed with all natural and organic fertilizers for optimum performance.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $49.00  1 Yard: $99.00

​Garden Valley Natural & Organic Potting Soil

​A natural & organic indoor/outdoor professional grower’s potting soil, custom blended for all purpose potting soil use. It is certified for organic gardening and can easily be used as an organic alternative for general potting and patio gardening in planting boxes and containers.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $33.00  1 Yard: $65.00

Patio Potting Soil™

Patio Potting Soil™ is our all-purpose potting soil for container gardening. Use Patio Potting Soil in flower boxes, clay pots or in any other planter for a well draining soil media.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $20.00  1 Yard: $39.00

Garden Valley Organics Natural & Organic Potting Soil with Worm Castings

​Nature has a miraculous way of creating just the right soil conditions to enhance amazing root development and vigorous plant growth. Our Worm Castings Potting Soil contains naturally lush nutrients for a superb growing media.

You Haul Price: 
1/2 Yard: $54.00  1 Yard: $107.00