Roof Top Soil Mixes

Through our experience with constructing roof top gardens, we have an intimate knowledge of what soil will best perform on a roof environment. We offer five mixes to wholesale accounts, and we welcome the opportunity to blend a custom roof top mix for your next installation.

Roof Top #1: (intensive)

Our standard rooftop soil mix for most planters. 
Well draining mix that provides needed stability 
for larger plant stock.
COMPOST    •    PUMICE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND

Roof Top #2: (intensive)

Our lighter weight version of the standard rooftop 
soil mix. Blended with perlite, this rooftop mix 
provides lower pounds per square inch when 
specifications apply.
COMPOST    •    PERLITE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND

Roof Top #3: (extensive)

An Award Winning rooftop soil mix. A blend 
of high drainage ingredients and peat moss for a 
professional performance. Specifically designed 
for lower moisture saturation and light weight 
PUMICE    •    PEAT    MOSS    •    BARK    FINES

Roof Top #4: (extensive)

Our most popular rooftop soil mix. A blend of high drainage ingredients, compost and peat moss for a professional performance. Specifically designed for lower moisture saturation and light weight characteristics, with the benefits of compost.
PUMICE    •    PEAT    MOSS    •    BARK    FINES    •    COMPOST

Roof Top #5: (intensive)

Our heavier weight version of the standard rooftop soil mix. Designed for greater structure and stability for planters with larger trees and shrubs. For use when higher pounds per square inch are specified.
COMPOST    •    PUMICE    •    LOAM    •    SAND

We Custom Blend Any Roof Top Mix!