What is Terraseeding™?

Terraseeding™ is a patented process developed by Rexius that combines several cumbersome steps into one easy application of enriched soil and seed to grow a beautiful lawn. Rexius will blow into place a final 1-2 inch layer ofTurf Start (a biologically formulated topsoil) blended with seed to eliminate your task of hauling and wheelbarrowing soil, leveling and raking, seeding by hand, fertilizing and topdressing over the seed.

Rexius puts the enjoyment back into landscaping by doing all the hard work for you in one easy step. Just add water!

The Benefits of Terraseeding:

  • Seed is planted rather than exposed on the surface. 
  • Germination is greatly increased because of the warmth and moisture surrounding the seed in the soil. 
  • Turf Start is designed with active microbes far stimulating germination and establishing a healthy turf that aids in resisting disease. 
  • The ''blown-in" application levels the rough grade of sub-soil with a smooth finished layer of well draining soil. 
  • Most lawns can be planted in 2 hours or less! 


If you already have a lawn that is struggling, you can revive your aged lawn with aeration, compost, and seedingfar healthy growth.
Topdressing is a proven practice often completed in conjunction with aeration and seeding in turf maintenance programs and renovation procedures. Topdressing adds organic soil amendments which improves the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of soil. This enhances turf quality and vigor, and improves its resistance to stress. 

Benefits of Aeration & Topdressing:

  • Increases organic matter content of soil. Improves soil percolation rate. Increases water holding capacity of soil. Reduces soil compaction. 
  • Improves turf rooting and durability. 
  • Supplies plant nutrients. 
  • Can biologically control certain turf diseases. 

Oregon law requires that seeding services be performed by a licensed landscape contractor. Rexius landscape contractor's license #7216.