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Grow Real Blog

How to Bring the Outdoors In: Inspiration for Greening Small Spaces

So, you’ve got a tiny apartment. (Or a cute cottage with approximately zero free square feet of space.) But you...

How to Bring the Indoors Out: Inspiration for Cool, Doable, Outdoor Living Spaces

At Rexius, we’re big fans of spending as much time outside as possible. Creating inviting outdoor spaces that function as...

Fall Crafts That Are Good for the Body and Soul

Let November’s brilliant colors and crisp breezes stoke your creative fires: make some time for crafts this season. Crafting is...

How to Repurpose Your Opus Bags

A lot of people ask us whether Opus Grows bags are recyclable, and unfortunately, the answer is no. Low-density polyethylene...

Yard & Home Decoration, Month by Month

We know that keeping the exterior of your home looking (and feeling) lovely year-round can be a challenge, so we’ve...