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Custom Soil Production: Q&A with Rexius Senior VP Dan Sutton

There are two things that any true grower knows deep within his or her soul: First, the word “dirt” is...

Love Food Not Waste

Eugene residents pack an astonishing 40 million pounds of food waste into a landfill each year, but we’re looking to...

Compost Like a Pro

Composting is a fundamental tenet of sustainable living. It’s a great way to put green waste and food scraps to...

The Life of Soil

Let’s start by making one thing crystal clear: soil is not the same as dirt. Dirt is dusty and dirty. Soil is clean, fragrant, nurturing, and essential to life as we know it. You’ll never catch a gardener refer to soil as dirt.

Perennial New Growth

When your perennial new growth has reached a height of 3-4 inches you’ll know it’s time to dig, divide and...