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Food Waste Composting

In cooperation with the City of Eugene's Love Food Not Waste program, Rexius partners with local waste haulers in the collection of food waste material from local grocers, restaurants, and commercial food handling facilities to recycle usable food waste material.  Rexius takes in these recyclable materials and composts them through a rigorous thermophilic composting cycle to produce an approved, and quality compost material to use in your yard and garden.  We currently package this material in the City of Eugene's "Love Food Not Waste Compost" bag that is available at local retailers and at the Rexius Retail Facility located at 150 Hwy 99.


Driving Directions:Retail Yard & Recycling
Winter Hours: 8AM to 5PM Mon. to Sat. | 10:00AM to 4:00PM Sun.