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Portland Landscape Mulching

Reasons to spread mulch over landscaped areas:

  • Decorative groundcover
  • Natural weed barrier
  • Conserve water in the soil

Decorative Groundcover
Mulch can add vibrant color to your landscape. It will cover the soil in your beds to prevent soil erosion and mud splash onto your plants and house, as well as give a smooth appearance to uneven soil. When using as a decorative mulch, we recommend applying 2 to 3 inches to adequately cover and smooth uneven areas. Normally, you will need to add an additional 1 to 2 inches annually to compensate for natural decomposition.

Weed Barrier
As a weed barrier and for proper insulation of plant roots, we recommend an initial application of 3 or 4 inches for new or bare landscape. Apply an additional 1 to 2 inches each year to maintain proper depth and a fresh, clean appearance. It is best to apply bark in early spring or mid-summer before heavy weed growth periods.

Conserving Water and Proper Insulation
Use of mulch around your plants is necessary for proper insulation during the extremes of weather. A good layer of mulch applied to your landscape will reduce soil erosion during heavy rainfall. It will also aid your plants during seasonal weather, retaining moisture in the soil during summer heat and insulating roots against winter freeze.

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