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Greenhouse #2 Soil

Greenhouse #2 soil is the most popular soil mix for general greenhouse growing with a little biology added with organic compost. GH #2 has good water holding capacity and aids in better root development and nutrient uptake. Made in Eugene, Oregon. 


Sphagnum peat moss, pumice, aged bark, compost and limestone for pH adjustment

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Container Deliveries

New! Rexius now offers a special service of “pre-filling” your container of choice with your soil of choice. We can fill any size of polycan, smart pot, or fabric pot, palletize and ship direct to you, ready to use.

Tote Delivery

A convenient way to store your soil temporarily and protect it from extra moisture and contaminants. Available in 2 or 3 cubic yard bulk super sacks (totes). The minimum wholesale order is 8 pallets or 8 totes.

Bulk Deliveries

All mixes can be delivered in bulk from 15 to 75 cubic yards per load. Rexius offers a prompt and reliable service of our own fleet of live floor self-unloading equipment or through contract carriers, depending on your location.

Thank you to Rexius for yet another year of making our yard look beautiful!

Jeani W.

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