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Opus Grows

Mix Zero Base Mix


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The perfect base mix to customize your own growing recipe. Opus Zero is brewed with biochar to accommodate microbial life and enhance your own unique blend of inputs.


Coconut coir fiber, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, pumice, organic compost, worm castings, wood biochar, diatomaceous earth, natural limestone (for pH adjustment) and mycorrhizae

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Mix Zero can be used as an ideal seed starter mix. Give your seeds the perfect environment for root establishment, then transplant into any one of the Opus Grows mixes to complete your growing experience. Mix Zero from Opus Grows® is ready to go and super easy to use. Just add your own favorite nutrients, a little water and sunshine. Mix Zero is purposely made as a “base mix” without specific nutrients, so we recommend adding your own nutrients throughout the growth cycles. Always follow the water, fertilizer, and light requirements of your individual plant, and make adjustments for your particular growing conditions!

Just got my Opus!! Loving it!!!! Thank you REXIUS!

Linda D.

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