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Garden Valley

Garden Valley Naturals Ocean Rich

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Total Nitrogen (N) - Nitrogen is necessary for green, leafy growth. An excess of nitrogen, however, can cause growth at the expense of fruit or flowers. Nitrogen supplies must be replenished every year. Available phosphate (P2O5) - Available phosphate supplies phosphorus (P). Phosphorus promotes fruiting and flowering, strong root growth, and disease resistance. Soluable Potash (K2O) - Soluable Potash supplies potassium (K). Potassium promotes strong, sturdy plants with thick cell walls and increases resistance to disease. NPK: 6-6-2

Garden Valley Naturals Ocean Rich is a starter fertilizer contains nutrient-rich marine by-products. Use as a starter fertilizer for all types of plants from trees to vegetables, to improve soil quality and promote deep root growth. Is your garden hungry? Feed them something rich from the ocean to satisfy their healthy appetite. Dig in! Made in-house in Eugene, Oregon. 

How to order Garden Valley Naturals Ocean Rich