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Garden Valley

Potting Soil with Worm Castings

The magic is in the worm! Nature has a miraculous way of creating just the right soil conditions to enhance amazing root development and vigorous plant growth.  Worms digest organic matter, decaying plant parts, and other living microorganisms, and cast off a magical mixture that makes your plants burst with life!  Our Worm Castings Potting Soil contains 10% Worm Castings along with the ideal balance of peat moss, coconut coir fiber, compost, pumice, perlite, fish bone meal, feather meal, blood meal, ground oyster shell, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and natural limestone.

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Bags & Pallets

Choose from our professional organic line of soils, or have your custom blend packaged by the bag and delivered to your facility. We offer co-packaging services if you already have your own packaging label. The minimum wholesale order is 8 pallets, or between 400 and 480 bags.

Tote Delivery

A convenient way to store your soil temporarily and protect it from extra moisture and contaminants. Available in 2 or 3 cubic yard bulk super sacks (totes). The minimum wholesale order is 8 pallets or 8 totes.

Bulk Deliveries

All mixes can be delivered in bulk from 15 to 75 cubic yards per load. Rexius offers a prompt and reliable service of our own fleet of live floor self-unloading equipment or through contract carriers, depending on your location.

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