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Rexius Residential Products

Soils & Compost

Produced from some of the finest natural and organic ingredients to help with all of your growing needs.

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Mulch & Groundcovers

If you are looking for a beautiful and decorative ground cover that helps fight pesty weeds, then we've got you covered.

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Build your landscape or add some natural beauty to it with our solid lineup of aggregate.

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Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Let us help you design and build your ultimate outdoor space.

Rexius Wholesale

Rexius is here to help you grow with premium, professional, and organic soils made in Eugene, Oregon — from orchid growers to blueberry farmers, from indoor growers to outdoor nurseries, and from bagged product lines to custom blends.

Commercial Services

From landscape construction and maintenance to irrigation and rooftop gardens, Rexius is capable of planning, preparing, developing, and maintaining your commercial property.

What our customers say

The Opus Grows soil is fantastic. We've used it in our veggie garden the last couple of years. It's great stuff!

Matt D.

Absolutely awesome!

Dusty E.

These soil formulas contain among other ingredients, worm castings, fish meal, bone meal, blood meal and mycorrhizae all excellent soil amendments for the rose garden!

Chris V.

Love Food Not Waste Compost will help keep my garden healthier and happy.

Ryan R.

High quality materials, reasonable prices.

Will S.

Nationally recognized for quality compost, premium organics, innovative systems, and simple, honest customer service.

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