King Estate Winery

King Estate Winery

A Farm-to-Table Success Story

King Estate, located in the hills of Oregon's Willamette Valley, is known for its commitment to crafting exceptional wine and providing guests with a memorable farm-to-table dining experience. As a leader in the organic food movement, King Estate's restaurant sources ingredients directly from their on-site organic garden.


King Estate wanted to create an on-site garden that would provide their restaurant with farm-to-table cuisine, where organic estate-grown food is always on the menu. This requires on-site production of fresh, flavorful, and nutrient-dense vegetables. Maintaining a thriving organic garden requires a healthy soil ecosystem, so finding the right soil was crucial to achieving their goals.

split picture of King Estates Culinary Manager holding up vegetables and hands full of dirt

King Estate chose Garden Valley Organics Natural & Organic Potting Soil with Worm Castings.

Garden Valley Organics

Natural + Organic Potting Soil w/ Worm Castings

A premium-grade mix designed to create the right soil conditions for enhanced root development and vigorous plant growth. This mix is certified for organic use.  

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This high-quality soil blend is designed to promote strong root growth, improve nutrient uptake, and support vibrant, healthy plants. This mix is certified for organic use, which allows King Estate to ensure their garden is producing healthy, organic plants. By choosing Garden Valley Organics, King Estate has significantly improved the quality and yield of their organic garden, providing their restaurant guests with an unparalleled farm-to-table experience.

Row of lettuce in a raised garden bed at King Estate