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The Science Behind Russ Pugh's Record-Breaking Pumpkins

In the world of competitive pumpkin growing, achieving remarkable sizes is a testament to skill, knowledge, and meticulous care. Among the notable names in this arena is Russ Pugh, a local grower with 22 years of expertise. His dedication to the craft is evident in his produce, with his latest pumpkin anticipated to weigh over 2,100 pounds.


Two Decades of Pumpkin Growing

Starting his pumpkin cultivation journey 22 years ago, Russ Pugh has consistently prioritized research and best practices in horticulture. His comprehensive approach to growing has earned his pumpkins a reputation for impressive size and health, garnering recognition at local and wider-scale competitions.

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The Secret in the Soil: Rexius Compost

An essential component of Pugh's methodology is his strategic use of Rexius Compost in his cultivation practices. Soil, undeniably, plays a crucial role in successful pumpkin cultivation. Pugh, through thorough research and application, identified Rexius Compost as an effective medium, attributing its nutrient-dense, organic nature to being conducive to optimal pumpkin growth. By opting for this choice of compost, Russ ensures his pumpkins are afforded not only the nutrients they need to grow but also a stable, healthful medium through which their roots can navigate and draw sustenance.

Organic Compost
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Organic Compost

An all-purpose compost containing natural and organic recycled green waste material. STA certified and certified for organic growing.  

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Russ Pugh's longstanding dedication to pumpkin cultivation, combined with his informed choice of soil enrichers like Rexius Compost, underscores the importance of a research-backed approach in agriculture. His achievements stand as a testament to the synergy between quality materials and skilled cultivation practices.