In need of irrigation, landscape maintenance or construction, back flow testing, or any other yard and garden services?

Let us help you create a little more outdoor living! From help crafting a plan to building your dream, let us know how we can help you create a welcoming and natural yard and garden that you enjoy. We have crews to install irrigation; construction teams to build structures, pathways, gardens, beds, and water features; and maintenance plans to keep your yard in shape. With all natural and organic products and experienced crews, let us know how we can help add an inviting natural space to your home.

  • Blower Application

    Blower Application

    Our Blower Truck technology lets us spread an even quantity of organic or aggregate material, saving you valuable time and...

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  • Yard Maintenance

    Yard Maintenance

    Rexius offers full service landscape maintenance for either a one time cleanup project or for regular monthly service.  As a...

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  • Irrigation/Sprinklers


    Weekend Leak Service: View Policy The success of your landscape and the most effective use of your resources to maintain...

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  • Terraseeding<sup>®</sup> & Lawn

    Terraseeding® & Lawn

    Terraseeding is a patented process developed by Rexius that combines several cumbersome steps into one easy application of enriched soil...

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  • Rexius Outdoor Living

    Rexius Outdoor Living

    How do we define Outdoor Living? It is any place that you can gather, that draws you from your enclosed dwelling and brings that same social feeling into an outdoor space. It is an extension of your home providing both form and function.

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