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Custom Tote Mixes

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Any of the Rexius mixes (professional organic line or custom) are available packaged into 2 or 3 cubic yard bulk super sacks (totes), with 2 cubic yards totes being the most popular size among growers. We can deliver your totes on a flatbed delivery truck with forklift offloading capability. Another delivery option would be to use a common carrier drop ship, with or without forklift offloading capability. The minimum order for tote mixes is 8 pallets (1 tote fits per pallet), which translates into 16 - 24 cubic yards depending on whether you choose the 2 cubic yard totes, or the 3 cubic yards totes.  Rexius trucks can deliver between 8 and 24 pallets of custom totes mixes at a time.

If you prefer to opt for a custom mix we have a wide variety of base ingredients and organic amendments to choose from to create just the right mix for your needs.