Portland Blower Services

Easily get the look you want without breaking your back.

Our Blower Truck technology lets us spread an even quantity of organic or aggregate material, saving you valuable time and effort. We are able to place material in difficult areas and during all types of weather. Easily get the look you want without breaking your back.

Products Available for Blower Service


  • Product can be applied in a fraction of the time it takes to spread it by hand.
  • Your landscaped areas will have a smooth and consistent finish, enhancing the beauty of your landscape.
  • Weather conditions do not restrict blower application.
  • Hard to reach areas are easily accessible and difficult areas to cover such as steep slopes are now effortlessly covered.


  • Beautify your landscape with a fresh coat of mulch
  • Fill your raised bed garden
  • Backfill a retaining wall with rock or soil
  • Install a new lawn with our Terraseeding® process
  • Top off your playground with our natural safety surface Fiberex® playground chip that is ASTM tested and approved
  • Layer your blueberry, raspberry, or marionberry plants with fresh sawdust