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Petal Pink Flower Farm

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Located in Coburg, OR, Petal Pink Flower Farm is a family-run business dedicated to cultivating rare and hard-to-find flowers for local florists. Heather Cain, the farm’s owner, is devoted to using organic practices to grow blooms that are healthy and high quality with a positive environmental impact.


The right soil conditions are vital for these flowers to thrive in a sustainable farming environment, so finding a compost that could help create an ideal organic ecosystem was crucial. 

Petal Pink Flower Farm uses Garden Valley Organic Compost (Certified for Organic Use) to amend its soil and help create the right environment for its flowers to flourish.

Organic Compost
Garden Valley Organics

Organic Compost

An all-purpose compost containing natural and organic recycled green waste material. STA certified and certified for organic growing.  

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This locally-produced, high quality compost helps keep the farm's soil well structured and nutrient rich. Because it is certified for organic growing, it helps keep the operation sustainable while Petal Pink Flower Farm is able to deliver beautiful and vibrant flowers to the local community.