Irrigation Systems

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No matter what size or type of irrigation project, Rexius has the expertise and staff to install and maintain any irrigation system needed for a variety of purposes.  From systems designed for field conditioning at the Oregon Duck's Autzen Stadium football field to irrigating the landscapes at corporate complexes, we can build the perfect system that performs efficiently and economically, while adequately sustaining plant life and conserving water use.

In many cases, the success of your landscape and the most efficient use of your resources to maintain it are largely dependent on the quality of irrigation system you have installed. It is also very likely that you do not yet have one and are moving hoses and sprinklers, and doing a less than adequate job of keeping your plants watered properly. Rexius would like to help you formulate a workable plan and install a system that will be simple to operate and give you the proper coverage you need for your particular landscape design. Efficient and wise use of water is important for managing a more sustainable landscape.


Rexius offers complete installation of quality built irrigation systems for both residential and commercial application. Rexius can install from the smallest system to the most complex involving multiple zones and applications, and build both to the same high standard needed for proper coverage and ease of operation. Rexius builds their systems with double coverage and well planned zones to meet the needs of your maturing landscape. Cheap alternatives are tempting, but don’t risk the valuable investment you make in your landscape to systems that just don’t work. Give Rexius a call to see if you how we can add value to your home and peace of mind, knowing that your lawn and plants are well cared for.


How much does an average irrigation system cost?

There is no real average size yard or average irrigation system. All systems are custom designed and built for the particular needs and layout of each unique landscape. Complete installation, including automated timing systems, can range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 for small residential lots, $4,000 to $7,000 for medium, and $7,000 to $10,000 for an average large residential lot in the Eugene/Springfield area, but many factors will determine its cost. Please call our irrigation department for further assistance.

How are Rexius’ systems different from others?

Rexius has professionally trained and experienced irrigation technicians that use high quality materials and professional standards that will deliver a premium system. They will create a working design understanding the needs of your particular plants, given the sunlight conditions they exist in, and create watering zones that will help you manage your water usage efficiently. We use double coverage and proper spray nozzle configurations to give you the most ideal coverage possible at time of planting. You can be assured that with Rexius, you’ll get a finished product you can rely on.

Do irrigation systems use more or less water than needed?

A properly designed system will use water more efficiently than other methods. With separate watering zones and a high quality timing device, you can set your irrigation to match exactly what each zone needs at the best times of day and best intervals. These systems, in combination with good monitoring practices and help from EWEB’s water-wise program, can give you the optimum usage possible and help you conserve our natural resource.


Got an irrigation problem? Rexius can help with repairs on existing systems, whether it’s replacing broken heads or troubleshooting the system. When necessary, we can even replace an existing system that is either not working, or the maturing landscape has outgrown the system’s usefulness. We also offer scheduled testing and maintenance services required by the utility company. Give us a call and we can discuss your options and see if our services can meet your needs.

Services offered:

  • Repair broken heads
  • Test and replace nozzles
  • Move heads
  • Upgrade timing devices
  • Add new zones
  • Install drip irrigation
  • Annual Inspection required by utility company.
  • Fall winterization
  • Spring start up

We are available on an ‘on call’ basis throughout the year to provide these services. Other than scheduled contract work, these services will be provided on an hourly basis including one way travel, plus materials.

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