Rooftop Mixes

Roof Top Soil Mixes

Roof Top #1: (intensive)

Our standard rooftop soil mix for most planters.

Well draining mix that provides needed stability

for larger plant stock.

COMPOST    •    PUMICE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND


Roof Top #2: (intensive)

Our lighter weight version of the standard rooftop

soil mix. Blended with perlite, this rooftop mix

provides lower pounds per square inch when

specifications apply.

COMPOST    •    PERLITE    •    COIR    FIBER    •    LOAM    •    SAND


Roof Top #3: (extensive)

An Award Winning rooftop soil mix. A blend

of high drainage ingredients and peat moss for a

professional performance. Specifically designed

for lower moisture saturation and light weight


PUMICE    •    PEAT    MOSS    •    BARK    FINES

We can custom blend any roof top mix to suit your project needs.