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Make 2019 the Year You Get the Yard of Your Dreams


While New Year’s resolutions are fairly commonplace, New Year’s yard resolutions — not so much. We think that the start of a fresh year is as good a time as any to make big, ambitious plans for your yard and garden, so here are a few ideas.

Bid Grass Adieu
Grass is lovely, but it can be pretty high-maintenance. Consider replacing it with ground covers, a mulched landscape, rock garden, vegetable garden, flower beds, or even water features. You’ll spend less time mowing and weeding — and maybe watering — and more time actually enjoying your yard.

How Rexius Can Help:  

  • Our team of residential landscape experts can help you decide which plants are right for your space, taking into consideration light, soil, and water conditions.
  • If your yard is especially expansive, we can use our Rexius Express Blower Truck to easily spread mulches and soils, saving you both time and energy.

Products to Try:

Welcome Weeding With Friends

When your garden gives you metaphorical lemons (weeds aplenty), make lemonade and invite some friends over for a weeding party. We promise that they’re more fun than they sound and they’re a great way to prep your garden for the spring sowing season. Once your beds are weed-free, spread some compost over them to beef up your soil and get ready for a great growing season.

How Rexius Can Help:

  • We make top-quality compost! Pick some up at the Rexius Retail Yard or order it online and have it delivered to your home (or business).

Products to Try:

Soak Up Stray Sun Rays & Prep For Spring

The Pacific Northwest isn’t exactly known for its sunshine, but we do get the occasional mild, sunny day — even in winter. Pay close attention to the weather as spring draws closer and start finding time to get your hands dirty. It’s good for you AND your garden.

How Rexius Can Help:

  • Well, we know that gardening is about more than playing in the soil; you’ve got goals. We can help you reach them by supplying everything from soil amendments to irrigation  systems.

Products to Try:

Throw A Party (And instead of working, EAT!)

Create a fabulous space that’s absolutely per-fect for hosting a garden party (dahling)! But seriously, your beautiful yard doesn’t have to be for your eyes only. You work hard on it and you should show it off — err, we mean share it with loved ones.

How Rexius Can Help:

  • If you’ve decided to host a wedding or something and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, we can bolster your efforts. Or, if you’re simply more interested in growing than you are in “housekeeping,” Rexius offers full-service landscape maintenance and one-off cleanups.

Services to Try:

  • A one-time, comprehensive cleanup
  • Monthly visits from our backyard elves

Remember That Gardening Is All About Growing

And learning is part of the process. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your first tomatoes fail or your dahlias aren’t truly the size of dinner plates. The best possible return on the investment of your time in a garden is a healthier headspace, and regardless of any “missteps,” we bet you’ve managed to harvest that.

How Rexius Can Help:

  • We can design and build you a gorgeous patio from which to admire the results of your hard work.

Services to Try:

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