A Beautiful Symbiotic Relationship is Born: Mycorrhizal Fungi and Plant Roots

Mycorrhizae is simply a fungus that is naturally found in soil. When the mycorrhizae starts to grow and attach itself to plants’ root systems, it forms these long filaments that extend outward through the soil. They act almost like hair extensions: They add length to the root systems, helping to collect minerals, moisture, and the nutrients necessary to help a plant grow properly. Without this symbiotic relationship, the plants would not do nearly as well.

The biggest benefit of this bond between the mycorrhizae and the plants’ root systems is obviously the increased intake of nutrients and moisture, but it also helps plants resist a lot of the diseases that might otherwise infect them.

Mycorrhizae is a very unique product and it’s not cheap. It’s something that you’ll probably only find in really high-end, professional mixes. We decided to add mycorrhizae into the Opus Grows line of potting soils because we realize that we’re servicing a community that grows professionally, knows what they’re doing, and recognizes the benefits of mycorrhizae.

Most of the potting soils that you see nowadays are manufactured potting soils. Opus Grows is natural. It’s a very well-blended mix with coconut coir, peat, rich compost product, and drainage materials. We add the mycorrhizae during the blending process. So, when you put your plant into this mix, it immediately starts the process of growing filaments (hair extensions) around the root system, which help the plant get established and grow well.