Rexius Given the "Pillar of the Community" Award

On February 7, 2024, Rexius was honored with the Pillar of the Community award by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. This recognition is awarded annually to entities that have demonstrated a long-standing impact on the community, influencing aspects such as employment, innovation, stability, and contributions beyond their core business operations.

While considering Rexius, the Springfield Chamber of Commerce committee examined several factors including Rexius' impact on the community through landscape projects, its continued growth in providing employment opportunities, its support of local non-profits, and its deep history of values driven by a multi-generational family owned and operated business.

A Chamber member noted, "You cannot attend a function in town that doesn't have some contribution from Rexius. From one small truck and an idea to now being a top employer in our community, Rexius is certainly a Pillar of the Community." We are honored to receive the Springfield Chamber of Commerce Pillar of the Community Award and look forward to continuing to grow with the community.