Rexius Bark Mulch Products

Rexius offers quite a variety of bark mulches, you-haul or delivery, ranging anywhere from a lower-grade fir mulch all the way up to UltraKote™. We have sliver-free Hemlock, Medium Fir (which would be our BeautiBark™), DecoBark™ Nuggets, and many more.

What are the benefits of mulch? Number one is water retention. A lot of people use mulch around their flowers, their vegetables, and their lawns. How do you maintain the water level and get the flowers, vegetables, and plants the water they need? Put bark down. The bark is going to absorb the water and help give the plant the water that it needs. The second benefit of mulch is a weed barrier. You put bark mulch down in your yard to help preserve the life of the yard and the plants and give it a nice, decorative look.

One of the most common questions is, “How much bark do I put down?” If you are applying mulch for the first time and nothing is on the ground, we’d recommend 3 inches. If you are going for your second, third, or fourth year applying mulch and you already have a layer down, you can apply 1 to 2 inches.

The most popular question when people order bark is, “What bark is best for me?” You might like a sliver-free mulch whereas you neighbor might like a fir mulch if they don’t have kids running around. A lot of people also ask, “What is safe for pets?” The most pet-friendly barks that we offer are the Hemlock and the DecoBark™ Nuggets. Hemlock comes from the hemlock tree; it’s the kids’ choice but we can also say it’s the pets’ choice because there are no slivers. The bark nuggets are 2 to 3 inches long; the bark fines are very minimal, if even present, because they fall to the bottom and the nuggets stay on top of the pile. Mulches with large nuggets are best for a yard with a pet, in my opinion. All the other mulches will get on your dog and you might spend a while picking them off.