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Sucker for Succulents


January 10th is houseplant appreciation day! There is no better time than January to give your indoor space a little extra plant love. Succulents are a perfect houseplant to easily brighten up any room without any added stress to you. Succulents are low maintenance, indoor beauties that require very light watering and just a little sunlight. Adding succulents is a simple touch that can turn any room in your home into your own Instagram worthy masterpiece.

Best Shot

Still worried about the life of your little guys? Using Opus no. 3 to plant your succulents will give them the best shot at their longest, happiest, and most vibrant life (even if you forget to water). Opus no. 3 is designed to support indoor plants with better drainage keeping your succulents happy in their homes. Pairing Opus no. 3 with your succulents is the easiest way to enjoy the fresh feel of live plants in your indoor space without the constant worry of keeping them alive.

In the Know: Houseplant Classes and Sales 

Portland Nursery

Winter Houseplant Sale

January 10th -23th 


Portland Nursery

Houseplant Basics with Ann Patterson

January 12th 11:00am


Portland Nursery

Repotting Houseplants: Tips and Demo with Kendra Howard

January 12th 1:00pm


Portland Nursery

Indoor Soil Mixology with Brittany Hobbs

January 13th 11:00am  


Down to Earth

Houseplants 101 with Wren from Down to Earth 

January 19th 11:00am


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