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Grow Real Blog

Compost Like a Pro

Composting is a fundamental tenet of sustainable living. It’s a great way to put green waste and food scraps to...

5 Tasty Ways to Use Your Surplus of Tomatoes

The rainy days of fall are starting to trickle in, but there’s still a good chance that you’ve got more...

Eat Your Weeds!

People worry about invasive weeds, but most never consider the useful qualities of these plants. Whether you're weeding your own...

The Life of Soil

Let’s start by making one thing crystal clear: soil is not the same as dirt. Dirt is dusty and dirty. Soil is clean, fragrant, nurturing, and essential to life as we know it. You’ll never catch a gardener refer to soil as dirt.

Meet the New Saturday Market and Lane County Farmers Market Vendors

Of the many joyful rituals that greet the return of Spring in Eugene, the opening of the Lane Farmer’s Market, and the Saturday crafts market, is perhaps the most delicious and festive.

A History of Thanksgiving Plants

Ever wondered how we ended up eating certain plants on Thanksgiving? Here’s a look into the origins of 4 fruits...

Planting A Green Fence

What, exactly, is a green fence? In England, country roads are lined with tightly woven hedgerows. In NYC, containerized tapestry...

Deer Resistant Plants

Remember the day you first saw a deer through your kitchen window? Thoughts of beauty and peaceful country living probably...

An Ode to the Gardening Dad

It’s that time of year again - the greeting card aisles are filled with cards ranging from mallards flying over...