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Love Food Not Waste Compost

Love Food Not Waste Compost

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Love Food Not Waste Compost is an all-purpose natural and organic mulch/compost used as an alternative top dress for flower and planting beds, a seed cover for new lawns, and natural soil amendment for newly planted gardens. Love Food Not Waste Compost is ideal for building vigorous root structure in your plants. It consists of 100% natural recycled greenwaste material from yards and gardens. Made in-house in Eugene, Oregon.

Use compost for preparing soil in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and landscaping areas for planting.

  • Blend equal parts compost with native soil for best results.
  • Incorporate 1 to 2 inches of Compost into planting beds each year to increase organic matter content and improve soil structure.
  • Use Compost as a topdress mulch around plants to protect roots and improve moisture holding capacity of the soil.
Composted greenwaste and food scraps

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