Rexius is in its ninth decade of recycling and processing organic waste and wood residual materials for the landscape, agricultural, and environmental industries. The company has grown to over 200 employees, and not only involves the manufacture and delivery of organic soil, mulch, and bark, but also offers complete landscape and irrigation services, landscape maintenance, environmental restoration services, organic erosion control systems, and conveyed delivery systems manufacturing. Through these products and services, Rexius is providing sustainable solutions for the landscape, for the community in which we live, and for the environment we share.

Nationally recognized for the quality of its products as well as its innovations in the use of compost, Rexius makes its products available in a variety of ways to ensure prompt and efficient customer service. Using its own fleet of trucks, including Express Blower® and CAS® (Conveyor Application Systems) application equipment, retail and wholesale bulk delivery is a key focus of the business. These new innovations and opportunities developed over the years have expanded service to the industry in a monumental way.

Rexius supports full-service retail facilities in Eugene, and bulk delivery with blower application in Lake Oswego (Portland), Oregon. Using the Express Blower trucks, Rexius offers fast and efficient application of its products, saving people valuable time and labor. Additionally, its Bagging Division provides local and regional distribution of bagged product to numerous retail and garden centers and wholesale distributors throughout the region.