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Earth Day

Free Compost

Monday April 22, 2024


HOURS: 8am-4pm

We've partnered up with Mother Nature to give back to our community and our planet. Every year on Earth Day (April 22nd) we give out free compost at our 150 HWY-99 Retail location. The first 1/2 yard of compost is free! How much is a half yard? Most standard pick-up trucks can carry 1 yard of compost, which is equivalent to about twenty 5-gallon buckets. 

What is Compost and How Can It Help You?

Compost is a natural product made from organic waste that is broken down by bacteria and fungi. It is a nutrient-rich soil enhancer that can be used to improve the health and vitality of your garden and lawn. Compost helps to aerate the soil, retain moisture, and add organic matter that helps plants and flowers grow strong and healthy. It is also an environmentally-friendly way to reduce waste and create a more sustainable home and environment.

The Benefits of Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while creating valuable nourishment for your lawn and garden. Composting also helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, and can even help save you money by reducing your need for chemical fertilizers and soil amendments.

Our Compost

Our compost is made from 100% organic matter. We use yard debris and food scraps collected from our local area, and produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment that is perfect for enhancing your lawn and garden.


Garden Valley Organics Organic Compost
Garden Valley Organics Organic Compost
Garden Valley Organics Organic Compost (Certified for Organic Use)
from $147.00
Rexius Garden Compost
Love Food Not Waste Compost
from $137.00
Steer Plus™
from $175.00
Opus Grows® Bio-Tope®
from $244.00

Compost 101 - Under the Surface

Join us as we go under the surface to learn all about compost.

What is Compost?
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The Recipe
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Why Compost?
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