Our Roots

As we continue to learn and gain deeper understanding into the meaning of sustainability, a great part of our history becomes more significant. Sustainability not only describes a company that has been in business for 85 years, but also a committed group of employers, and most importantly, employees that have worked together over time and through change to insure that the business has stayed viable. We have been excessively blessed by the fact that our history is rich with products, services, and traditions that are now being recognized as providing tremendous value. This value is based on the overall benefits to our company, our community, and our environment. These values, often referred to as the triple bottom line, are being touted around the country and in our community as what the “new economy” is going to be built on. We feel very fortunate that with everyone’s help and commitment we will keep improving and working towards more sustainable solutions in the way we conduct business.

Rexius Promise

We are committed to partnering with and improving the community by providing environmentally sustainable choices and solutions, and giving back to those who support our very existence.

Rexius employees are not only our most valuable resource, they are responsible for our longevity and success. Most importantly, the employees are the life-blood that let us work and contribute throughout the community. At Rexius “community” is not tired, uninspired rhetoric that we draw from – it’s who we are.

Rexius Stewardship

This philosophy of good soil stewardship has committed Rexius to focusing on the long-term benefits of providing environmentally responsible products and services in landscape, environmental restoration, and erosion and sediment control industries. Good soil stewardship is an important step in keeping our plant life healthy and our water clean.

“A Nation that destroys its soils destroys its self.”

                                                  - Franklin D. Roosevelt


Rexius Outdoor Living

Rexius can help you design and build your dream outdoor space by leveraging 100 years of experience and our top notch designers and builders.