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We install and repair sprinkler and irrigation systems for residential and commercial landscapes in Eugene, Oregon. The quality of your irrigation system determines the success of your gardens and landscaping. Rexius irrigation professionals design, install and maintain systems that will manage your water usage efficiently and provide the coverage your plants require.

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Rexius offers full service landscape maintenance for either a one time cleanup project or for regular monthly service.

Experience a new level of garden care with Rexius' Residential Irrigation Installation services. Our team of expert technicians custom designs an efficient and effective irrigation system tailored to the unique needs of your landscape. No more guessing about watering schedules or worrying about under or over-watering. With our precision installation services, your garden will receive just the right amount of water at the right times, promoting lush growth and plant health. But it's not just about your plants - our systems also aim to conserve water, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Services offered:

  • Add new zones
  • Convert spray to drip irrigation
  • Upgrade controllers
  • System Remodel

Central Oregon Irrigation Services

Irrigation Maintenance / Repairs Email Us  Call Us 541-335-8060

Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to function optimally. Whether it’s replacing broken heads, performing annual tests required by utility providers, or troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered.

Spring Activation & Repairs

$120 per hour/per tech + parts *One hour minimum

This service includes pressurizing the system, making necessary repairs and adjustments, and setting the controller for a spring watering schedule. Minor repairs are done automatically at the time of activation. If the system requires repairs that will take longer than the standard 2-hour appointment, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled. 

Backflow Test 

$70 Each

The State of Oregon requires annual testing of irrigation backflow prevention assemblies to protect public health by preventing cross-contamination within our water systems. Our state-certified technicians will test the backflow prevention assembly and submit the results to your water supplier. If it fails the test, we will repair it for an additional cost.


$60 Flat Fee

We will shut off the irrigation master valve and drain the mainline including the backflow prevention assembly. This service helps the system be less susceptible to freeze damage. We begin winterizing mid-October.

    Irrigation Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I shut my water off in the event of a leak? 

    1. First turn the controller (electrical panel) to the “OFF” position.
    2. If this does not stop water flow, then shut off the Master Valve or Backflow Prevention Assembly
    3. Call and schedule a repair

    When should I service my irrigation system? 

    If you start to notice that your water bill is increasing or your plants are receiving too much or too little water, then it may be time to have a trained professional assess the system. Our seasonal services and general maintenance help ensure that the system is working as intended.

    How do I program my controller? 

    We've put together a list of the most common controller types with links to instructional video tutorials.

    Video Tutorials