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Specialized Services

Rexius has traditionally been known for its production of garden and landscape products. The company has expanded into many additional areas of service because of their growing expertise in the landscape, horticulture and logistics industries

Erosion Control

By utilizing compost and mulches as the building blocks for all of our erosion and sediment control BMP’s (Best Management...

Blower Applications

The Rexius Express Blower Truck technology lets us spread any quantity of organic or aggregate materials in a small amount...

Food Waste Composting

In cooperation with the City of Eugene's Love Food Not Waste program, Rexius partners with local waste haulers in the collection...

Western Mobile Storage

Rexius owns and operates Western Mobile Storage, a wholly owned division of Rexius. Western Mobile Storage offers a number of...

Flatbed Hauling

We are a general commodities flatbed trucking service for hauling a variety of products, including our own bagged organics, for...


Rexius has been involved with a vast array of projects with roadside stabilization and erosion control over the years.  Our...

Environmental Restoration & Management

In addition to erosion control, Rexius has been involved in many types of environmental reclamation projects that help in water...

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Summer Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM