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Rexius is here to help you growing with premium, professional, and organic soils — from orchid growers to blueberry farmers, from indoor growers to outdoor nurseries, and from bagged product lines to custom blends.

Bagged Products

Our proprietory brands come in a broad range, so they can match your specific needs and budget.

Specialty Blends

Choose from our professional organic line of soils, or have your custom blend delivered. We have a wide variety of base ingredients and organic amendments to choose from to create just the right mix for your needs.

Custom Blends

From soils and compost, mulch and groundcovers to aggregates and weed killers, we have everything to fit your specific growing and landscaping needs.

Delivery & Logistics

All mixed or bagged products can be delivered in unlimited amounts straight to your facility. In addition to our self-unloading delivery equipment, our fleet includes blower and slinger conveyor trucks that can apply bulk products directly to specific areas, saving you time and labor.