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Bio-Tope creates a growing environment that supports high microbial activity for exceptional plant development. Use it in the base of any plant container—old or new. This high-quality mix for fast growing plants & increased longevity helps tired-looking soil.


Organic compost, worm castings, wood biochar, fish bone meal, bat guano, feather meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, shrimp meal, humic acid, basalt rock dust, kelp meal and mycorrhizae

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Bio-Tope can be used in the base of any container for fast growing plants. Place Bio-Tope in the bottom 1/3 of your planting container and fill the remaining area with any Opus Grows® Mix. This creates an ideal biological and structural base for helping your favorite plants get kicked off to a great start! Is your growing mix feeling a little tired? A double shot of Bio-Tope® will give them the jolt they need! Just mix 1 part Bio-Tope + 2 parts tired container growing mix.

These soil formulas contain among other ingredients, worm castings, fish meal, bone meal, blood meal and mycorrhizae all excellent soil amendments for the rose garden!

Chris V.

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