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DecoBark™ Nuggets

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Produced from the bark of the majestic Douglas Fir tree, DecoBark Nuggets make a beautiful wind resistant decorative ground cover to enhance the look of any landscape. DecoBark Nuggets are a 1 to 2 inch nugget, free of fines, and ideal when a coarser, more textured look is desired.


Douglas Fir bark nuggets

More Info

  • It is best to apply 3 to 4 inches deep, or 2 to 3 inches deep over the top of Bark Mulch for weed control.
  • If additional help is needed for better weed control, a poly fabric weed barrier may be used underneath the bark nuggets.
  • We would not normally recommend such products as ground cover for a weed barrier as it doesn't allow moisture and air to pass through to the plant's root system.
  • At the customer's discretion, a variety of pre‐emergent granular herbicides may be used in conjunction with the bark nuggets for longer term weed suppression.

Great product.

Darrin L.

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