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Tree-n-Shrub™ Planting Soil

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Tree-n-Shrub™ Planting Soil is an all-organic soil blend designed for growing shrubs, trees and other plants that grow best in a fungal dominated environment. Blended with the proper organic fertilizers, compost and beneficial microbes, you can create the ideal Soil Foodweb for your acid loving plants.


Compost, loam, aged bark, coconut coir, fish bone meal, feather meal, bat guano, alfalfa meal, blood meal, shrimp meal, basalt rock dust, kelp meal, dried poultry waste and limestone for pH adjustment

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Use Tree‐n‐Shrub as a ready‐to‐use soil blend or soil amendment in raised beds and all other areas of your garden and landscape to build a proper soil environment for your plants. Always follow the water and fertilizer requirements of your individual plants.

Great product.

Darrin L.

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